Editorial workshop for journalists from the post-socialist European Countries, January 9-13, 2018 | Cottbus, Germany


If you are interested in participation in the third Environmental Watchdog Journalism and Storytelling Workshop, please submit your application using this Registration Form.

Applications for participation will be accepted throughout the project’s duration, until March 2018, although if you wish to attend the upcoming Workshop in Cottbus (Germany), you should register for it until the 17th of December 2018.

New applications will be evaluated on ongoing basis.

Thank you!
The Environmental Watchdog Journalism and Storytelling Editorial Workshops are part of the BlueLink Virtual Newsroom Project.

The project is funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) and the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation Brandenburg. 

What is your name and surname? *

What is your mobile number: *

Please also include your country code (e.g. +49 for Germany, +359 fo Bulgaria)
Which is your departure country and city?

Please provide us with the name of the country and the city you are going to departure from (e.g. Romania, Bucharest)
What is your current occupation or status? *

Motivation for participation 1. Why you do want to be part of the BlueLink Newsroom project and in what way? *

Motivation for participation 2. Why would you like to attend the Environmental Watchdog Journalism and Storytelling on Climate Change and Clean Energy Editorial Workshop in Germany on January 9-13, 2018? *

Previous experience. Please, describe briefly your previous journalistic work. Include links to publshed material or work in progress. *

Would you be able to bring and use your own journalistic equipment (e.g. laptop, tablet, dictaphone, camera, etc.)? Check No for none. *

Can you arrange your travel costs on your own?

If 'Yes', you will be reimbursed for them by HBS at the workshop's venue or after. Please note that you should be able to present original invoices/tickets, boarding passes, etc.
Please, let us know the sum of your Estimated costs for transportation to Cottbus, Germany and back, e.g. the sum of transfers and tickets in EUR.

Any other conditions (including dietary or medical conditions) related to your travel and participation, please list here.

Thank you for your interest in the Environmental Watchdog Journalism and Storytelling Workshop! 

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